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Have you ever wondered what would Abraham Lincoln would think of America today?


Sat 01 / 22 / 2022
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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Have you ever wondered what would Abraham Lincoln would think of America today? 

To answer the question above means considering what Lincoln thought and how he felt about all of the issues and problems he faced more than 150 years ago. That's exactly what renowned professor Louis Masur will do at his special livestream event on Saturday afternoon, January 22nd at 2pm ET.


Jan 22nd, 2pm - 4pm ET | Livestream from NYC

One Day University

Additional Infomation:

Every American is drawn to Abraham Lincoln.

His story invites us to marvel at how this poor, self-educated, frontier lawyer transformed himself into a political leader who defended democracy, preserved the nation, and abolished slavery. To best understand Lincoln, we must discuss his remarkable writing and speeches. Professor Louis Masur will provide detailed biographical information and context, and some of the time in this class will be devoted to discussion and analysis. Attendees will receive a packet of writings which they may choose to read before class. These readings include some of Lincoln’s most important speeches and writings: debates with Stephen Douglas, the First and Second Inaugural, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address – as well as some less known but important works.

We are excited to offer this intensive as a virtual livestream event.

Louis Masur is a Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History at Rutgers University. He received outstanding teaching awards from Rutgers, Trinity College, and the City College of New York, and won the Clive Prize for Excellence in Teaching from Harvard University.