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Age Friendly Ecosystems Summit, from GW University


Wed 10 / 04 / 2023
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM



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Limited capacity: Registration Closed



2023 Age-Friendly Ecosystem Summit

September 26-27 & October 3-4, 2023 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET

The George Washington University's Center for Aging, Health and Humanities is hosting the third annual Age-Friendly Ecosystem Summit virtually this fall. This free, regional, collaborative event will be held in partnership with Age-Friendly Alexandria, Arlington, DC, Howard County, Hyattsville, Montgomery County, and the Georgetown University Aging & Health Program.

This year we will be hosting four sessions from 1-3 p.m. EST on September 26 & 27 and October 3 & 4. Each session is focused on a theme that cuts across all age-friendly domains: ageisminclusivitycommunications, and creativity. Speakers will present their age-friendly initiatives through the lens of the session theme.

Please make plans to join us for any or all sessions, as your schedule allows. Click below to register. 

Sept 26 - Ageism

Internalized negative beliefs about aging and external forms of discrimination based on age are both prevalent issues that can decrease a person’s lifespan and impact quality of life. Age-friendly communities must address negative beliefs about aging and ageist elements in the environment to ensure that individuals of all ages are able to pursue goals important to them. Participants will learn how to recognize implicit ageist bias, ageism, and their impact on life span and quality of life.

Sept 27 - Inclusivity

Diverse populations often experience discrimination and exclusion because of the intersectionality of their age with other identities (e.g., race, sexual orientation, ability, language). Inclusive age-friendly communities strive to ensure that services, opportunities, information, and respect are available to all - regardless of age and other characteristics that distinguish us from one another. Participants will learn how to engage diverse, inter-generational populations to improve equitable access to age-friendly services.

Oct 3 - Communications

Communication pathways continue to evolve rapidly with technology, which creates multi-dimensional challenges that constantly require new strategies for effective and inclusive communication for all age groups. In age-friendly communities, learning how to communicate information about resources and opportunities to a diverse population in a clear manner is essential. Participants will learn effective communication strategies for various forms of media.

Oct 4 - Creativity

Creativity includes artistic disciplines (e.g., visual arts, literature, crafts, dance, theater) and is integral to healthy aging. To increase access to the arts and community, more innovative approaches are needed to engage all people in reciprocal lifelong learning. Age-friendly communities with multi-sector creative programs improve overall well-being for everyone. Participants will learn about the positive health and social effects of creative programming for all ages.

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