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Psychedelics Towards the End of Life, from Northwest Neighbors Village


Tue 05 / 07 / 2024
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM



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Limited capacity: Registration Closed


Psychedelics Towards the End of Life
from Northwest Neighbors Village 
After decades in regulatory exile, psychedelic drugs are making a comeback – this time as promising new therapies for depression and PTSD, among others. In particular, researchers have found that a facilitated psychedelic experience can profoundly shift attitudes about death in ways that deeply enhance the quality of one’s remaining life. While FDA approval is still forthcoming, state and municipal decriminalization initiatives are opening access to these experiences already today. What does this mean for older adults as they contemplate their mortality?

This talk will cut through stigma and hype to provide older adults with the basic information they need to understand the new psychedelic landscape: the opportunities, the insights and the risks.

Abbie Rosner is a writer who grew up in Washington DC in the 1960s and ‘70s. Her professional interest is in the ways that older adults are discovering - and rediscovering - the drugs of our youth, to enhance our experience of aging. Her writing has appeared in Forbes, Next Avenue, Double Blind, and others.
Abbie previously researched and wrote about ancient foodways as they are still practiced in the contemporary Galilee landscape. Abbie received her BA from the University of California Berkeley and her MSc in Professional Communications from Clark University.

Host Village: Northwest Neighbors Village
Limited to 100.
Registration is required by May 7, 2024
Zoom link will be sent to registrants after registration.
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