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A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science


Wed 02 / 24 / 2021
12:45 PM to 2:30 PM


Zoom event, register by Feb. 22

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Open to all

Limited capacity: Registration Closed


Hosted by Little Falls Village and the Little Falls Library
“A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science” with Dr. Rita Colwell, one of the top scientists in America and the groundbreaking microbiologist who discovered how cholera survives between epidemics.
Dr. Colwell is the former head of the National Science Foundation. A Lab of One's Own is a riveting memoir-manifest, documenting all Colwell has seen and heard over her six decades in science, from sexual harassment in the lab to obscure systems blocking women from leading professional organizations or publishing their work. Along the way, she encounters other women pushing back against the status quo, including a group at MIT who revolt when they discover their labs are a fraction of the size of their male colleagues. Resistance gave female scientists special gifts: forced to change specialties so many times, they came to see things in a more interdisciplinary way, which turned out to be key to making new discoveries in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Dr. Colwell would also witness the advances that could be made when men and women worked together--often under her direction, such as when she headed a team that helped to uncover the source of the anthrax used in the 2001 letter attacks. A Lab of One's Own shares the sheer joy a scientist feels when moving toward a breakthrough and the thrill of uncovering a whole new generation of female pioneers. But it is also the science book for the #MeToo era, offering an astute diagnosis of how to fix the problem of sexism in science--and a celebration of the women who fought back.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE). 
Registration by Feb. 22 to www.littlefallsvillage/Colwell