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William Shatner and Joshua Brandon Still Boldly Going


Thu 10 / 06 / 2022
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM



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a free program from the Temple Emanu-el Streiker Center, book purchase additional

registration required. Register here

For almost 30 years, Captain James T. Kirk and his crew of the Enterprise went where no one had gone before, making first contact with new species, facing down the Gorn, fighting off the Romulans and gazing down on the blue miracle of his home planet.

Little did William Shatner know then, but long after he retired his Starfleet communicator, he’d actually have the experience of looking down at Earth, becoming, at the age of 90, the oldest person to fly in space.

For the grandson of four Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Lithuania, it’s been quite a ride: starring in the original Star Trek series and the first seven Star Trek movies; writing memoirs and novels; playing a veteran police sergeant; hosting a reality-based TV series; morphing into Boston Legal’s crude and irrepressible Denny Crane; remaking himself as a recording artist; a horse breeder; even selling a kidney for Habitat for Humanity.

Now, he’s tapping into his nine decades of experience in his new book, Boldly Go, a collection of essays about what he’s learned as he’s hurtled across the galaxy.

Joining Mr. Shatner is his coauthor, Joshua Brandon,  a director, producer and writer, whose credits include CBS’s Friend Me, SyFy’s Haven, Fox’s Houdini & Doyle, and the upcoming feature film A Thousand Little Cuts.

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Cultural Center welcomes William Shatner, and Joshua Brandon, for a conversation about applying the wonder and joy of exploration to our own lives.